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Pipes and fixtures go through a lot of use every day. It is only natural that wear and tear eventually leads to small holes and cracks. Alternatively, the harsh chemicals and mineral deposits from cleaners and other hazardous liquids may cause corrosion. When these issues occur, it is important to speak to professionals, like our team at Purdy Plumbing & Drain. Our trustworthy Fullerton leak detection services and advanced technology can quickly and correctly fix any issue.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

When it comes to leak detection services, our plumbers use a range of tools and techniques. These include using thermal imaging cameras to detect changes in temperature that could indicate the presence of excess moisture. We can also utilize specialized listening devices to locate water within walls, floors and ceilings. Our plumbers may also opt for a less invasive process called hydrostatic testing which uses pressurized water to force out hidden leaks from pipes.  Once a leak is located, our professionals can then recommend necessary repairs in order to prevent further damages ultimately saving you time, effort and money!

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When to Reach Out About Plumbing Leaks

A major difficulty in assessing a leak situation is that it is difficult to tell when something is wrong. A leak from a faucet may be easy to spot because it is in plain sight. However, since drains and sewers are located deep beneath the surface, many homeowners are initially unaware if there is a problem. This can lead to an unpleasant surprise when the early symptoms are not quickly caught. It is important to look out for signs to take effective action.

Get in touch with an expert about leaks upon noticing:

  • Patches of grass or plants that are suddenly green
  • Foul smells, like that of rotting food or leaking sewage
  • Suddenly high utility bills from wasted water
  • Toilets that constantly rush after they have been flushed
  • Back up flowing into the sinks, toilets, or bathtubs
  • The inability to make the water completely drain from plumbing fixtures
  • An increase of pests, such as roaches, ants, rodents, or mosquitoes attracted by loose sewage or leaking water
  • Sounds of gurgling or rushing in the pipes
  • Visible leaks or cracks in an exposed drain or sewer
  • This review is for both Nicole & Andy for providing awesome customer service.


    This review is for both Nicole & Andy for providing awesome customer service and detailed job descriptions.  Although we didn't use Purdy at this time, I will definitely recommend Purdy Plumbing and will use them in the future.


    - Marilou L.
  • This review is LONG overdue.


    This review is LONG overdue. We found Purdy Plumbing through its incredible Yelp rating. Since Day 1, we have been impressed with their service. We have had faucets and garbage disposals replaced, our entire plumbing system replaced (our house is 1950s "

    - Amy D.
  • Amazing, reliable, fast service.


    Amazing, reliable, fast service. I called around noon for a clogged toilet, they came out within an hour and helped clear the clog in about 20 minutes. Great customer service and very communicative from start until finish.


    - Amanda N.
  • Really appreciated the phone answering and being able to get a crew out same day to check out my plumbing situation.


    Really appreciated the phone answering and being able to get a crew out same day to check out my plumbing situation. The crew, tried as they might, couldn't clear my drains, but gave a solid reason why- with an estimate. Really appreciated that. Only ch"

    - JP L.
  • Purdy plumbing has been my go-to plumber.

    "Purdy plumbing has been my go-to plumber.  Used them for various plumbing issues in the past and always friendly, professional,  reliable and honest.
    Shout out to Nicole and Jerry on my latest service call."

    - Tom I.
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Why Choose Us?

  • We Don’t Compromise on Quality or Efficiency & We Guarantee Our Work
  • Experienced in Installing, Repairing, and Servicing Clogged Drains, Water Leaks, and Gas Lines
  • Offering Free Second Opinions on Sewer Repairs
  • Financing Available Through Hearth & Discounts for First Responders
  • Over a Decade of Experience Serving the Community

Prompt Leak Detection is Crucial

Many homeowners seem to view leaks as less serious plumbing issues. It is true that a smaller leak will cause less of an unexpected inconvenience than a clogged toilet. Nevertheless, there will still be major consequences over time. Even a little hairline crack can waste hundreds of dollars’ worth of water every year. A bigger leak will certainly lead to further waste. In worst-case scenarios, a burst drain or sewer can cause flooding. Quickly calling a technician, however, can resolve most situations. 

If a leak is caught early enough, a new pipe liner may be all that is needed. For example, the innovative technology of Perma-liners can create a pipe interior that is stronger than ever. In other cases, plumbers can use pipe bursting to effectively replace the old pipe without hassle. Both of these methods eliminate the need for expensive, invasive trenching. Reaching out to our team of professionals at Purdy Plumbing & Drain could make life a whole lot smoother. 

Get in touch with one of our skilled techs at (714) 874-3434 regarding our leak detection services in Fullerton.

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